Ecofriendly Products

Ecoluxlighting believes in ecofriendly, biodegradable products that will help you get the job done without all the negative effects on the environment. With help from other business and our friends we will continue the pursuit to keep this planet healthy and living for a long, long time.
Butterfly Quilt
Bamboo Batting

Bamboo Batting

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For centuries quilters have worked with many different natural and synthetic fibers as fillers for their quilts. Original batting materials included woven cotton, feather, or wool pads pieced together and sewn into a quilt for warmth. Unfortunately cotton and wool are hard to raise and process, can be expensive, and are a lower sustainable product. As such these natural fibers soon gave way to polyester batts which could be manufactured at any thickness, density and size. Blends between the polyester and natural cotton quickly became popular with quilters, but skilled quilters struggled with batt quality, shrinkage, and breathability. Additionally polycarbon fibers in synthetic batting are petroleum based and environmentally unfriendly.

Winline bamboo batting comes in either 100% bamboo or 50/50 bamboo and organic cotton and comes in 96” rolls, or king, queen, twin, and baby quilt size cut batts.

Grip & Stitch

Grip & Stitch

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Quilting Disks can be used with any sewing or quilting machine. Lower the feed dogs as some machines work better with them lowered, others work well with them in their normal position. With the larger disk in your left hand, and the smaller disk in your right hand, place them onto your quilt and you are ready to begin quilting. Use the disks to move the quilt under the presser foot while you stitch at your desired speed, always running the machine faster than your hands are moving.

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We support this organization because we believe in giving back to those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

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Animals are a part of most of our families and they deserve to have the protection and opportunity for love and companionship.